Kitchen Hacks to cut cooking and prep time!

Posted by ONEL LOPEZ on

How do people get everything done in the kitchen?  And no, the answer is not that they love being in the kitchen, I mean, let's be honest, not many people do, they would much rather be spending time somewhere else.

The answer is they get organized!  When you plan ahead and have all the things you need in all the right places, then preparing food for your family is not a daunting task.  

There are so many different types of items in one space that you really need to break it down into zones and items to tackle it, and then you need to set aside time to declutter and organize regularly to maintain good kitchen organization.

Let's start by making sure that you have your fridge organized and that you can find the ingredients you need when you need them.  These Slide Space Savers are just the thing you need to see all your ingredients as soon as you open your fridge door.  They can also maximize the storage space you have inside your refrigerator.  

 What else does a great dish need? You got it, spices.  Well, instead of looking all over the place for just the right spice, you can have it accessible from your stove.  This peel and stick cabinet spice mount is great for homeowners as well as for renters.  Once your lease is up, simply take it down.  You can mount it next the kitchen stove, behind a cabinet door or anywhere you have a direct access when you are cooking, this way you save time and energy, when you have what you need at your disposal, then the cooking process becomes much more enjoyable!

Another tool that every home should have is a great can opener that you can rely on.  Well, if you want to combine the versatility of a can opener and all of the other tools you need for your opening needs, look no further than the 5-in-1 Multipurpose Can Opener.  This gadget is a must-have!  It can not only open cans, but it also does a variety of tasks all in one small tool, keep it next to the prep area and you will have a tool ready for you to use.


AAnother way to cut prep time in half, is by using this amazing tool I'm about to show you, it chops, minces and makes food preparation a breeze.  The name of this tool you ask? It is the Slap Chop, it is the perfect chopper to mince and chop a variety of ingredients for easy meal preparation or final touches. It’s easy to push-down handle allows for quick chops with almost no effort.  This will definitely make your life a lot easier!

 These tools will cut your your prep time in half, allowing you more time to spend with your loved ones and enjoying eating with them as well as spending quality time.  I know I love to cook, but I also love to go outside with the kids and enjoy family time.  I hope you enjoy these tips and please don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our blog.

Lily S.