Intellinetix Wearable Vibration Therapy

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Intellinetix combines targeted vibration therapy in a portable device at an affordable cost.

Vibration therapy works in two ways:

1. Gentle vibrations stimulate muscles and ligaments to increase blood circulation. 
2. Vibrations serve as a sensory distraction, disrupting pain signals that are constantly traveling from your body to your brain and replacing them with gentle, massaging sensations. 

Best of all, with vibration therapy, there is no feeling of electric shock commonly associated with TENS units.


Why Therapy Gloves?
Patent-pending Therapy Gloves may provide soothing relief for those with arthritis or other chronic conditions that result in pain in your fingers or hands. Simply slip the gloves on and push a button. Small vibrating motors embedded in the gloves begin to work immediately, providing a subtle, yet effective, method of increasing blood circulation and warming aching joints. Further, the vibrations may act as a sensory distraction, disrupting chronic pain signals traveling to your brain and ultimately masking the pain. Gloves are made of a cotton material for greater comfort. Available without a prescription, Vibrating Gloves are a new alternative, helping provide relief without pills.


What about treatment periods?

Therapy Gloves can be turned on and off at your leisure. Fully charged, they will operate approximately 40 minutes.

Studies suggest 20 – 30 minutes of treatment two times a day may provide lasting relief.